The tools here are designed to provide you, our customer with 24/7 service. Whether you want to enter a pick-up request; receive a freight quote; track a shipment; view document images; file a claim; or review transit times it is only a click away.

Freezable Policy

Please note our Freezable Policy is in effect. We only accept freezables for overnight points Monday thru Thursday and Monday thru Wednesday for 2 Day Points. Please view our Freezable Policy.

Address Book

Your online address book allows you to create, edit or delete your customer's shipping addresses for easy access while utilizing our online pickup request.

BOL Documents

The BOL Documents feature allows you to create bill of lading templates for your repeat business. You can then convert these templates into a Pickup Request or simply print the bill of lading should you decide to schedule the pickup outside our website. You may also print shipping labels based on the information you entered into the bill of lading template.


In the event one of your shipments gets damaged or lost while in transit, you can utilize our online claims form which will walk you through the process in five simple steps.

Density Calculator

The Density Calculator allows you to calculate the density and freight class of your order.


The Invoices option allows you to view, print and save open invoices.

Pickup Request (Order Entry)

The Pickup Request option allows you to complete a pickup request and receive confirmation from our dispatch. You will be requested to enter details including the pickup date and time, whether a delivery appointment is needed, relevant trace numbers, pieces and weight and any other additional information that is needed to ensure that your freight is picked up and delivered on time. A editable address book is included so you can save shipper/consignee names and locations. Once the Pickup Request Information has been submitted, it is sent directly to our dispatch department where they will determine whether we can accommodate your request. An E-Mail confirmation will be sent to you notifying you whether your request can be completed within the requested parameters.

Rate Quote

The online rating feature allows you to receive a rate quote. Enter origin and destination zip codes; the freight class and the number of pieces and weight. If your shipment is palletized, you will need to enter the number of pallets (for oversized pallets use the number of pallet spots occupied). A rate will automatically be calculated for you, including the current fuel surcharge. Online rate quotes will receive a quote number each time an online quote is generated (beginning with a prefix of WQ). In order to ensure accurate billing, please reference this quote number on the bill of lading when shipping your product and/or when scheduling a pickup (All quotes expire 30 days from the date the quote was made).

* * * Online quotes will not be honored if shipment exceeds 16 linear feet. Rates are based on the information provided. They are an ESTIMATE ONLY and are NOT binding. The actual freight characteristics of the shipment, in addition to tariffs or pricing agreements including rules and accessorial charge provisions, will take precedence upon acceptance. The website-generated estimate is not intended for invoicing purposes and merely reflects the rates in effect at the time of inquiry. All quotes expire 30 days from the date the quote was made. All rates are subject to change without prior notice. * * *


(includes access to available documents [BOL, POD, Invoice] by clicking on the 'Bill Number' for the relevant shipment)

Our tracking feature allows you to electronically track your shipment every step of the way - from the time it leaves your dock until the time it reaches your customer's door. You choose what type of number you are tracking by - Pro #, Bill #, Bill of Lading #, Purchase Order #, Pickup #, Booking # or Reference # - and then enter it in the space provided. You may also click on Advanced Search Options to search by pick up date and orig/dest Zips. Included in this feature are the document images associated with your shipment. This includes images of the Bill of Lading, the Proof of Delivery and the Shipment Invoice. (Please note - all parties to the shipment may view the Proof of Delivery; only the payor of the freight charges may view all of the available document images.)

Transit Times

Need to check the transit time for a current or future shipment? Simply enter the origin and destination zip code for the shipment in question and our transit calculator will let you know when you can expect your shipment to deliver.

Any questions concerning your Rate Quote should be directed to our Rate Department at 800-242-0128.

In the event you experience problems and/or bugs, please report these problems via e-mail to FTSC 4 ME or call our corporate office (800 - 242 - 0128). Thank you for your continued business and support.